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Bradford alt-rockers GLASS MOUNTAIN release their debut EP Glacial this Friday, June 10, and celebrate with a launch show at 360 Club in Leeds that night.

Glass Mountain

The band, who made their live debut just a few weeks ago, have been secretly crafting a soundscape of brooding, shoegazey alt-rock for over a year already. No wonder their debut EP sounds so accomplished and engaging.

Spacial title-track Glacial kicks things off with a slow-burning, yearning lament. “Can you crave me like I crave you? Crawl into my veins, there’s always a space,” sings frontman Harry, angst seeping through every word. Forlorn piano adds a gentle touch of grandeur as fuzzy guitars and crisp percussion spike the six-minute-plus epic. A pretty powerful start.

Birds In The Heart flutters with acoustic precision before bursting into life with driving guitars, drenched in reverb, wailing a hook which reels you in to the straight-up rock joy.

Over Thinking is one of our favourites live. Dual vocals command attention over staccato drums and amiable atmospherics. Bleakness triumphs here. “I’ve planted tiny needles in boxes and sent them to my enemies, excited to make their fingers bleed,” William and Harry confess, gleefully inviting acceptance for vengeance. Dark stuff.

Medicate is a fuzzy explosion of mid-90s post-rock, painting images of scraggy jumpers and scraggier hair flowing around shredded Fender Jags, while Home In The Weather brings things to a suitably brooding climax as dramatic keys strike through slow-core melodies and a deep rush of strings stir things up beneath Harry’s fragile vocals.

For a band whose concept is quite shoegazy, their sights are focused – onwards and upwards, rather than to the ground. Good things are coming their way for sure. With these five tracks, we’re left with a joyous hum in our ears and a need for hear more.

Having seen Glass Mountain a few times already, we can confirm they’re different beast on stage. Much bigger, angrier, heavier and direct, the four-piece have already mastered the fine art of live performance, of offering something more in the presence of a growing army of fans.

They’re playing at the 360 Club at the Library in Leeds tomorrow night with FIGHTING CARAVANS, WIRE PEOPLE and TYTANIA. Tickets are £5 or its £6 on the door and it kicks off at 8pm. Be there.

GLACIAL EP is out tomorrow (Friday, June 10). You can get your copy (digital or CD) from Glass Mountain’s Bandcamp page.

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