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Right, you lot, get your ears round this short, sharp shot of punky greatness. BRAWLERS have unleashed their first tune, Mothers & Fathers, and it’s ace.

Brawlers is Harry George Johns’ new band, featuring members of We Were Frontiers and Castrovalva and they sound great. This is the only thing floating round the internet at the moment, but if you like this – and let’s face it, you will – they band are playing at the Brudenell Social Club on Monday, supporting The Thermals.

It’ll only be their second gig, after making their debut with a packed-out show at Crash Records last Friday.


Mothers & Fathers is available as a FREE download below. It’s ace >>

He’s a busy man is Harry. There’s his amazing solo stuff which you should definitely check out HERE and, right at the other end of the musical spectrum, his thrash metal band MARTYR DEFILED. They’re a bit noisy. And now Brawlers!

I’m going to catch up with the big guy on Monday night, so I’ll report back on what’s going on soon. In the meantime, listen to Mothers & Fathers again, eh?

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