Jamie tweeks Adele and other tunes

ADELE‘s new single Rolling In The Deep (out today) is ace. We first heard it on the drive to Leeds from Bradford in all that horrible snow at the beginning of December. Remember? It made the painstakingly-slow journey a little more tolerable…

JAMIE XX of The XX (who else?) has taken the bitter bluesy lament and given it a little twist with his sparse remix.

Keeping the original’s soul and swagger, Jamie’s hand-claps, snare snaps and vocal tweeks warp the tune into a brilliant electro shuffle. Have a listen:

Buy the limited edition one-sided 12″ vinyl from Jumbo Records HERE.

Adele’s second album, 21, is out next Monday.

In other singles ‘news’, AGGRO SANTOS from I’m A Celebrity – you know the one, he walked around barely noticable chuntering about nothing in particular until he released his wild afro, possibly in a bid to appear interesting (nothing says ‘pay attention to me’ better than a shit haircut)  – releases his collaboration with Bradford’s very own Girl Aloud (does that even work?) KIMBERLEY WALSH. It’s called Like You Like. We don’t.

Other tunes out today are DIDDY DIRTY MONEY‘s Coming Home, which is this week’s guilty pleasure at Bang HQ, and PJ HARVEY‘s The Words That Maketh Murder which is ace. Natch.

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