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This Friday, Leeds politically-charged rockers NARCS will release their second album, A Thinking Animal via Clue Records.


A mate of mine recently asked where are all the young musical voices standing up against the Government were. Where were the protest songs, the chants of defiance and counterculture resistance? Had apathy really triumphed with Generation-whatever-this-is?

I pointed him in the direction of NARCS – a four-piece whose barbed fury bursts to life with equal measures of vitriol and vitality. Describing their sound as “guitar-centred alt-rock aimed at Tory scum”, the band’s latest album A Thinking Animal is a visceral attack on political apathy.

Just check out the barrage of impassioned boiling-point wrath barely contained in the brooding, blistering three minutes of Empathy Of The Dog. “Every day I pray for civil war/for that moment I can nail your fucking head to the floor,” screams frontman Wilko, a statement of intent if ever there was one.

Released just days after the Chilcot report made it’s damning verdict on the UK’s involvement in the Iraq invasion in 2003 and as the UK continues to crumble in a state of post-Brexit breakdown, A Thinking Animal couldn’t have come at a better time. Check it out below >>

The 11-song assault is powerful testimony that disdain and discontent isn’t just reserved for the Guardian comments board. A resounding call to arms, NARCS have fashioned a remarkable racket out of their fury, venom seeps through every wired, fired-up riff and sincerely-screamed-out lyric.

Guitarist Joe says: “This album came out the way it did because we’ve always used music as an outlet for the darker stuff that we needed to vent. At the moment, the way things are, we just got drawn back to the root of our anger and frustration time and time again: the ruling class, the political class, Etonites, whatever you want to call them. In a better time, we’d never have written this album. Hopefully we never need to write another one like it.

“Having said that, we are unapologetic about absolutely everything we are saying on this record. We want to see things change, we want people to feel anger instead of apathy; we’re under no illusions of being any kind of revolution leaders but we’re definitely of the opinion that music changes mood and just being able to connect your frustration to that of a band/song/lyric can make shit a bit easier to get through.

“Ultimately we wanted to aim this at the people who actually deserve it. There’s nothing more pathetic than artists of any type striving to seek popularity through attacking small fry.

“Everyone outside of the ruling class is so busy bickering over small details that we’re still stuck in some sort of feudal system that we’ve been duped into thinking is a democracy.

“We hope people enjoy the album, we hope it brings people whatever they’re looking for at this shitty period in history: comfort, motivation, inspiration, anger, whatever.”

NARCS celebrate the release of A Thinking Animal with a launch show at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds this Friday night (July 8). They’ll be joined by FIGHTING CARAVANS and MOUSES. There are still tickets available for £6 or it’s £8 on the door.

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