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Brudenell Social Club // Monday, July 22, 2013

Just over a week after they played their debut gig downstairs at Crash Records, Harry George Johns’ new band took to the stage at the Brudenell for a short, sharp pop-fuelled punk rock. Let’s not call it pop-punk, yeah?


On the face of it, you don’t seem to get much bang for your buck, as the four-piece tore through a frenetic sub-20-minute five-song set.

But what they lacked in stage time, they more than made up for with seriously good fun (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) punk rock.

When Harry’s doing his acoustic stuff, he’s laid bare, there’s nowhere to hide, and all the fragility of life is put under the spotlight for a brief time. Tonight, flanked by Castrovalva’s Ant on his left and We Were Frontiers’ Matt on his right, he struts the stage with his brothers in arms.

Not quite the full-on showman, still, as his confidence is beefed up a little by the riffs, his interaction with the crowd is slightly muted, with just a smile and a gesture to move closer. did it really matter? Nah. I liked the bang-bang-bang approach to getting the songs out there. No messing, no fuss, just the tunes.

There’s something instantly appealing about Brawlers. I want more from this lot, please.

In the meantime, check out their set closer Mothers & Fathers. It’s rad >>

UPDATE >> You can now find all things Brawlers on Twitter. Click HERE to follow them.

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