LIVE REVIEW >> Marsicans + Masses + Kamara + Trash

360 Club, Library, Leeds // Friday, February 20

The 360 Club, tucked away upstairs in The Library pub in Hyde Park, regularly serves up a sonic smorgasbord of new music, offering a little something for everyone every week. If you’ve not been before, just go. There’s no need to scan the line-ups – just pick a free night and head down there. Just don’t turn up too late…

TRASH are from Chesterfield and sound really cool. Unfortunately, this assumption is purely based on the last couple of songs in their set. I was late. Soz, Trash. But their spiky indie-pop was an assured opener for a quality night. Shame I didn’t get to enjoy more.

Kamara + Marsicans

Boom! KAMARA are a dizzying explosion of shouldn’t-work-but-really-fucking-does 90s slacker rock meets heads-in-amps wired noise. The powerhouse percussion provides gleeful chaos as beats are skipped and time signatures go out the window as the trio of guitars cling tight to the scattering patterns. Their last two songs, they say, are new ones – and by far the best in the set. Cracking.

MASSES are up next, launching their new EP. They take themselves a bit too seriously, and not giving a shit about selling their CDs at an EP launch is a bit peculiar, but hey ho. Their indie-rock doesn’t move me in a way the last two bands had – whether it’s a lack of intensity or the over-excited guitarist chucking T-shirts into the crowd, but I lose interest fairly quickly.


Then MARSICANS bring the night to a suitably sensational end. We’ve heard their new tunes live a good few times before, but the huge pop goodness of Something English, Gone In A Second and Can I Stay Here Forever is insanely grin-inducing tonight.

The Leeds four-piece’s shimmering, sun-kissed indie-pop is joyful, unadulterated fun. FUN. It’s like the Beach Boys went to town on Paul Simon’s large stash of speed. Even the four-way harmonies on a snippet of a Hall And Oats tune sparkle with urgency.


The way this lot can craft infectious hooks is uncanny. It would be a dark art if it weren’t for the sheer iridescence of their playful sounds. Did I say this is a lot of fun? Well it is. Even the band spend the most part grinning in between busting the occasional rock power-move. Bloody love it.

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