LIVE REVIEW >> The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

Brudenell Social Club, Leeds // Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The World Is A Beautiful Place

As previously been based in Leeds, fuzzy alt-rock duo KAMIKAZE GIRLS will be no strangers to the Brudenell, and their return to the city as part of TWIABP’s tour is a pretty triumphant one.

Raging, wired guitar meets pounding drums as Lucinda delivers socio-political conviction with steely determination. Always positive, never preaching, the punk pair rattle out raw reflections on gender imbalance, sexual misconduct and mental health issues.

With a sound bolder than a two-piece should make, they set up the night brilliantly ahead of the Conneticut six-piece’s long-awaited return to Leeds.

THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE are masters of channelling melodrama through intricate melodies and inspired song-writing. Live, they take this up a notch or two, delivering a pretty stunning hour-long set cherry-picking the best bits of their almost-decade-long existence.

The band have gone through a good few line-up changes of their years, but this six-piece seem empowered and congruous in their live setting tonight. Focusing on new music from their latest offering, Always Foreign, TWIABP marry soft, synth-kissed reflective introspection with bouncing life-affirming alt-rock big-hitters.

As his band expertly weaving through myriad time-changes and melodies, frontman David Bello gives the assured delivery a vulnerability, sidestepping his mic in between songs to bite his nails and maintain eye contact to a minimum. His humility echoes that of his songwriting, perfectly placed amid the musical explosions setting off around him.

TWIAPB end their stunning show with two oldies as an encore (as such – the band left the stage, grabbed some drinks and promptly returned for a couple more tunes).

Swelling from the delicate loveliness of Low Light Assembly to the crashing cymbals, jagged riffs and bursts of visceral backing vocals of Getting Sodas, it’s a fitting end to a set as the song’s refrain – “The world is a beautiful place, but we have to make it that way” – sends their audience home into the night with hope and aspiration.

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