Nick JD Hodgson celebrates album release with Leeds launch show

The long-awaited debut solo album from former Kaiser Chief NICK JD HODGSON drops today, and it’s fair to say we’re pretty excited.

Nick JD Hodgson

As chief songwriter for the Kaiser Chiefs, Nick was responsible for those anthemic tracks about riots and ladies named Ruby that still ring in the ears of anyone who hit indie club dancefloors in the mid 00s.

Comparisons with his alma mater are inevitable, but anyone anticipating a Kaiser Chiefs 2.0 with Hodgson’s solo debut is in for a pleasant surprise. With Tell Your Friends, we’re promised an honest and personal album that leaves his former bandmates behind and introduces us to the real Nick Hodgson.

And if first single Suitable is anything to go by, it’s a job well done. A world away from the brash bravado of the Kaiser Chiefs, Suitable is a dreamy, sun-soaked indie love song that’s had us hooked since the video dropped late last year.

A welcome departure from the ‘lads lads lads’ anthems that made Hodgson famous, Suitable feels like the musical equivalent of a Vitamin D injection, perfectly timed to get us through the remaining dregs of winter, and we can’t wait to hear more as Tell Your Friends is out today.

To celebrate the launch of Tell Your Friends, Hodgson is hosting a FREE launch party at Headrow House on Monday – and you’re invited. There’s just one catch, though – get yourself a copy of the album from Leeds’ own Crash Records to bag your free gig ticket.

An album AND a pretty intimate show? Sounds like a no brainer to us. Get yours here –

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