Once in a blue Woon…

One of the three Jamies that are going to set this year alight, the Woon one has wound up at #4 in the BBC’s much-touted Sound of 2011, and is heading to Leeds later in the spring…

Hailing from North London, JAMIE WOON is a Brit School graduate, and a pal of Amy Winehouse – well they attended the same school and he used to do shows with her. He probably has her number in his phone, so that’s pretty much mates.

If you had your finger on the pulse, you’d have already been familiar with Jamie when the Music Business’s attentions were drawn to his delicate soulful dubstep sound last year.

Not that many folk were, though, as his first release, The Wayfairing Stranger (the Burial remix of which became a huge dubstep sleeper hit – check it out below), came out back in February 2007.

Instead of building on the foundations of the release, which sent Radio 1 ‘specialist’ DJs in a tizz, he tore up the blueprint and started again, crafting a loop-laden whirl of sparse, brooding electronica.

Last year’s Night Air didn’t have a huge impact in the charts, but  that probably wasn’t the point. It did, however (with a bit of help from The XX’s award-winning intimacies), make Jamie a very interesting prospect.

Not quite dubstep, nor RnB, nor soul or garage, Jamie’s music is intricate, moving, sublime.

“At the heart of what I do is R&B, it’s groove-based vocal-led music, and I try to sing abouit things that are close to my heart and that matter to me,” says Jamie.

“I find soul a bit of a heavy word, so I prefer not to use it.”

Live, he’s meant to be something else. He’s been playing live for years, just his guitar and a mic, and more recently an effects board to capture his twinkling samples and build the live experience into something truly uplifting.

Check out this live version of Wayfaring Stranger:

You like? Let’s be honest, you’d need a heart of stone not to.

His show on Thursday, March 3 was originally booked for the very intimate Nation Of Shopkeepers, but due to the obvious demand, it’s been moved down town to the not-as-intimate, but still nice and small Cockpit.

Buy your tickets (£8) HERE or HERE.

Jamie’s debut album is due out on April 4th. Before then, there’s forthcoming single, Lady Luck to get your heart aflutter, and there’s a free download of Blue Truth available at Jamie’s official site HERE.

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