Pigeons gonna deliver the goods

So we’ve been watching the snazzy countdown over at the PIGEON DETECTIVES official site over the last few days, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Today, it did – we reached O:OO:OO:OO…

So what apocalyptic event did the countdown lead into? Well, nothing quite so earth-shattering, but exciting nonetheless – we were pretty sure it would be a tour/album announcement.

Sure enough, we have news of a new UK tour which kicks off in Middlesbrough on Monday, March 28 and comes to a triumphant end with a Leeds Met show on Tuesday, April 12.

The band have been sneaking about the last few weeks with (slightly) hush-hush shows around Yorkshire, evidently honing their new tunes for hungry Pigeons fans.

They’ve posted a video on their site of new album track She Wants Me. So have we:

They have also annouced details of their third album, and they’re calling it Up, Guards And At ‘Em! which was recorded in New Yoik last summer. It’s released a week before the Leeds show on April 4.

Tickets for the gig go on sale on Friday, February 4 from HERE or HERE.

For more news from the Pigeons’ camp, head over to their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or their new-fangled website.

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