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Those guitar-pop boffins MARSICANS have been busy in their secret lair, where Hawaiian shirts replace lab coats and test tubes and Bunsen burners gather dust while guitars, cowbells and amplifiers are the apparatus of choice.


Riffs, hooks and harmonies have been bubbling away, as the four-piece fine-tune their formula. They’ve spliced the DNA of Paul Simon’s Graceland with the noodly math-rock of Foals, injected Beach Boys melodies and perfected a heady cocktail of happiness and bitterness.

They’ve emerged a bit bleary-eyed with hair slightly singed and three awesome new songs to share with the world.

First to be heard is MJ, a cryptic lament to the fallen King of Pop. Possibly. It’s a frantic burst of rolling drums, driving guitars and sing-along “oooh-ooohs”. It’s terrifically uplifting. But no sooner have you gotten into its groove than its gone. That’s what the repeat button is for, I guess.

>> MJ is being released as a free download for all who sign up to their mailing list, and will be hitting inboxes everywhere on Monday. Click below to head over to the Marsicans website and sign up >>


If you like this, wait until you hear Chivalry and Terrapin. Your socks will be fully rocked off. They’re going to be released over the next few weeks and we’ll have all the whens, wheres and hows here.

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