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TTAbrokenHomeFirstly, I’ve got to say, I’ve been waiting for this album to drop for years – ever since I found myself dressed as the Tin Man in the middle of the woods in the early hours of the morning filming their video for Enemies Closer, listening to the song on a seemingly endless rotation (I still have a love/hate approach to that opening synth riff).

Bradford band TALK TO ANGELS have built up a solid reputation for rocking the fuck out on stage, blistering performances bolstered by sheer, gut-wrenching emotion.

Each time I’ve seen frontman Craig drop to his knees screaming frankly: “Why am I alone and desperate?!” as set-closer This Broken Home reaches its climax, I’ve been utterly captivated. Containing this much visceral passion in seems to have put the band through it’s paces and then some…

There’s some history behind this stunning debut album. Some of it triumphant, some of it traumatic, yet all of it has shaped the 13 rousing, rocking tunes brought together under one dark, deceptive CD cover.

Opener Keller Drive sets the unsettling standard for forthright delivery, recounting the police report of an accident in Illinois, as the band enjoyed some successful shows in America, which left bassist Chris and the band’s manager Darren hospitalised in critical conditions. Both recovered well, Chris’s incredible resolve to recuperate saw the band back in America playing at SXSW just four months after the accident.

The album is driven by contradictions of hope and despair, of beauty and desolation, steadfast conceit, fragility and murderous intentions. It’s a powerhouse of emotions. Likewise, the musical tones shift from soaring, spine-tingling beauty and uplifting orchestration, to raucous feedback, driving guitars and fervour.

To say Talk To Angels wear their hearts on their sleeves is a bit of an understatement. Brutally honest, complex and compelling, their songs stir-up long-forgotten teenage angst and a desire to shut the world off for a while. It’s epic.

Stand-out tracks are the deliciously dark He Loves Cilla and She, the delicate This Broken Home and recent single Lead Balloon.

This Broken Home is a dazzling triumph over adversity, a work of blood, sweat and tears, an honest, stark and goddamn glorious collection of songs.

It’s release is a bittersweet affair, as the band have sadly closed the book on this adventure and called it a day – just for now, hopefully. It’s everything I was hoping for and I graciously urge you lovely readers to buy it, download it and love it.

>> This Broken Home is released on Warp Speed Carousel Records today. For more information, click HERE.

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