REVIEW >> Co-headliners are no stick in the Mudd

Puddle Of Mudd + Soil
Fibbers, York  //  Friday, October 21, 2011

Fibbers in York saw a double-header when Soil and Puddle Of Mudd raised the roof.

I reckon the crowd was roughly evenly split between Soil die-hards and Puddle Of Mudd fans. Apparently they’ve been co-headlining it – taking it in turns to close shows, and tonight’s turn was Puddle Of Mudd. I was stoked!

Soil are back with original frontman Ryan McCombs, who spent a lot of time telling people he was pissed and couldn’t remember the songs. The crowd thoroughly approved of this and what he lacked in memory he made up for in performance, as they rattled through a rip-roaring set of their more familiar songs from Scars and

It was all adrenaline-pumping stuff but the sound in the venue made it difficult for the individual songs to stand out from each other and it ended up feeling, for me, a bit samey. The stalwarts loved it, though.

Puddle Of Mudd At Fibbers, York Pic by Matt Boreham

The change-over came and I wriggled my way down to the front for a prime spot.  If there was going to be sound issues, I wanted to be as close to the band as possible. Puddle of Mudd came on to a rousing cheer – the gig was sold out so the place was rammed and quickly became a sweat-drenched jostling act.  But no-one cared.

Even when the band announced slight technical problems and you couldn’t hear the vocals as well as I’d have liked, it was still an awesome performance.

For me they’re a great mix of grunge, rock and humour-filled lyrics. They opened with Control, or the ‘Slap my ass’ song as my mate calls it! The crowd bounced along euphorically as the wiltingly hot band belted out all the numbers we’d been hoping for, from Blurry and Away From Me, to
Psycho and finally She Hates Me.

I don’t know how it sounded to people further back, as it was difficult to make out the vocals at times, but down the front it was an awesome night – come back soon!

Review by Izzy Johnson

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