WATCH >> The 1975 – Somebody Else

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Just past midnight last night, THE 1975 – as promised – dropped the video for Somebody Else and, well, it’s interesting.

The opening three minutes is a riff off David Lynch’s very weird Rabbits, with the choppy canned laughter and haunting atmospherics.

A monochrome Matty walks in on himself straight from the A Change Of Heart video, swaps clown clothes for something more street and heads out with his skateboard, all the while other Matty is slumped on a sofa.

From there, a story of self-obsession and lost love unfolds as he endures a mind-bending night out, takes a beating and – well, there’s a slick Fight Club-esque twist towards the end of the video.

There are some nice touches in there – like the lyrics on the karaoke machine and the ‘Girls’ sign by the entrance to the strip club, the re-appearance of ‘La poésie est dans la rue’ and other easter eggs to get fans all giddy over. We expect the Reddit page to be awash with analysis by lunchtime.

Certainly ambitious, it’s a dark promo accompanying such a poignant tune. The odd, displaced introduction shows that Matty and his co-creator Tim Mattia have an eye for the unusual in the ordinary, teasing out wry commentary with slick cinematic visuals.

Having watched it a good few times already, we’re not as in love with it as the A Change Of Heart video, which is just stunning, but it’s a bold leap from the band’s tongue-in-cheek offerings over the last couple of years.

And expect details of their UK tour in December to drop later on today…

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