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The first time I saw Bradford trio BALLYHOO/EVENTIDE was at the 360 Club in Leeds last summer. They rocked my socks off. Their jagged post-punk, huge samples and loops and frontman Dave’s vocal gymnastics were a real treat.


I’m no fan of Muse – their guitar-twiddling has become a pompous parody of their former glory – and the comparisons of Bellamy’s band with B/E are immediate. Yet this seems to be no bad thing. Odd.

Ballyhoo/Eventide have such a fantastic stage presence, it was mightily disappointing when, the second time I saw them at the Bingley Music Live Battle of the Bands finals, they failed to win a slot at the festival, hampered by the world’s worst sound engineer.

Anyway, enough of the bad vibes. Good things are coming. The band seem to have been hiding themselves away for the past few months, working on their debut album, Afterthought, which is out next Thursday.

They’ve filmed a video for the title track, which came out on Monday. Here it is, look >>

The band are celebrating the album release with a show at the Rosse in Saltaire on Saturday, April 27. Get yourselves along.

Go say hello on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for more news on Afterthought over the next few days.

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