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EsperScoutEPThis is really cool. ESPER SCOUT, from Leeds, have just released the video for their new single Assumpta Tang, which is out on Monday, August 19.

It takes me right back to the mid 90s, all grungy, shoegazy, kind of like a chilled-out Babes In Toyland. About three people will relate to this comparison, but it reminds me of Elena Ritchie, the singer of early 90s hardcore band Ashes from Washington DC – and they were ace. If you can’t remember that far back, try a more fuzzed-up driving Warpaint.

The opening riffs and punchy drums instantly hook you in, then singer Sarah lifts it up with her direct delivery, slightly haunting, slightly off-kilter. It’s four minutes of lo-fi brilliance.

>>Check out the video for ESPER SCOUT’s new single Assumpta Tang below >>

Assumpta Tang is the first single to be taken from their debut mini- album Poet Curses, which is out in the autumn. Keep up to date with them over on Facebook.

UPDATE>> ESPER SCOUT are playing ate Carpe Diem in Leeds tonight. If you’re not busy, get yourselves along.

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