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This lot from Manchester are an instant hit. Within seconds of hearing a few bars of The City last year, we were hooked to THE 1975. And their Yorkshire debut at the tiny upstairs room of the Cockpit was pretty amazing.

Tonight, they’re back in the region with a show at Fibbers in York (there might be tickets on the door if you’re lucky) and then they’re back at the Cockpit, this time downstairs in Room 2 (UPDATE – looks like this show has SOLD OUT, folks!). We’re total fanboys and are heading to both.

Chocolate is the lead track from the band’s new five-track EP – their last before their debut album drops later in the year. Music For Cars is out on March 4. It’s ace. The BBC filmed it for their Future Fest thing they did last week. Watch:

So, yeah, THE 1975 are playing at Fibbers in York tonight and The Cockpit in Leeds tomorrow night.

UPDATE: For those who just can’t wait until March 5, if you pre-order Music For Cars EP on iTunes from today, you can download Chocolate straight away.

EVERYONE seems to think they’re going to be massive this year, so go see them in nice, small and sweaty venues before they go boom.

Delve into the minds of The 1975 and get all gooey over Pip the dog HERE.

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