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The new version of THE 1975‘s Sex (out on August 26) is awesome. Heavier, bigger, better. Now they’ve gone all colour on our ass with the new video.

Check it out >>

Slick style, quite literal, and enough naughtiness to give MTV editors a bit of a headache.

The main idea behind the new video for Sex was centred around us wanting to incorporate a narrative that acted out the lyrical content of the song. It felt important for the narrative to be the true story of lyrics. So many of our tracks are based on real experiences, it was integral to have an honest portrayal of this.

– Matt Healy, The 1975

If you’re at Kendal Calling this weekend (if you are, why are you reading this now? Go have fun in a field!), they’re on the Calling Out Stage on Sunday evening.

And there’s still a few tickets for their Leeds Uni Stylus show on Monday, September 23, surprisingly. They’ll go pretty soon, so go get ’em sharpish from Crash or Jumbo.

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